Kota OMOTO 大本幸大



※ Artist Profile ※

1988      Born in Yamagata, Japan

2011      Graduated from the department of Painting, Musashino Art University, Japan

2013      Completed from the Master's course of Painting, Musashino Art University, Japan



2011      Painting Laboratory Awards, Graduation Contest of Musashino Art University


<Selected Exhibition>

Art Fair

2013      「Emerging Directors Art Fair "ULTRA006"」, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan

2013      「YOUNG ART TAIPEI」, Sheraton Grande Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2014      「YOUNG ART TAIPEI」, Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2015      「Art Osaka」, MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo, Japan

2015      「Art Kaohsiung」, Galerie F&F, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


2010      「Tokyo wonder seed 2010 Competition Winners」, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

2010      「Jijihoudan」 Exhibition, Gallery Art Composition, Tokyo, Japan

2011      「Kota Omoto Solo Exhibition ―Deadscape―」, Gallery Matsu, Tsuruoka, Japan

2012      「"What is Drawing" Exhibition The 2nd Competition Winners」, Galerie Simon, Tokyo, Japan

2012      「Ballpoint Group Exhibition」, Galerie Simon, Tokyo, Japan

2012      「Chaos” Exhibition―ask for tomorrow―」, Gallery Hibiya, Tokyo, Japan

2013      「Tsunagaretamono, Tsunagarenumono, Sono Dochirademonaimono」, art gallery Enogubako, Tokyo, Japan

2014      「Beginnings」, MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo, Japan

2014      「The howling cannot fill a void」, art gallery Enogubako, Tokyo, Japan

2014      「2014 Super-Novart」, Galerie F&F, Taipei, Taiwan


2015      「ASIA WEEK NEW YORK 2015」, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, U.S.A.

2015      「the 100-gou Exhibition」, MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo, Japan

2016      「Chaos」, Gallery Hibiya, Tokyo, Japan